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CAT Land Driling Engine

The Land Driling engine is the power system of the land driling engine. Caterpillar Land Driling engine has C15-320, C15-365, C15-433, C18-545, C18-522, C32-709, C32-653, 3508, 3512, 3512B, 3516B and other series for users to choose, the engine power range is from 328 bkW to 1383 bkW.

Caterpillar has more than 80 years of experience in engine development and manufacturing. Carter land driling power products are designed with great emphasis on reliability, stability and safety. They have the characteristics of low operating cost, simple installation and easy maintenance, and meet the strict international classification society certification standards, such as EPA, IMO, etc.

Caterpillar land driling engines offer high performance, long-term durability, high fuel efficiency, simplified maintenance and long overhaul intervals, proven technology and simple design that can be disassembled and assembled with common tools. Caterpillar land driling engines provide the highest productivity at the lowest cost, with a full range of product services.

From power solutions, product sales and commissioning to spare parts supply, distribution, maintenance and repair, etc., the EMAC sales team has one-stop solutions and services. For more details on our products and services, please contact the EMAC (Official Caterpillar Export Agent) sales and service team.

Advantages of Land Driling Engine

  1. Caterpillar has a high-standard power system to provide reliable, stable and continuous powe.
  2. Caterpillar land driling power products attach great importance to reliability, stability and safety in design, and comply with strict international classification society certification standards such as EPA and IMO.
  3. Cat land driling Engines Long-term durability, high fuel efficiency, simplified maintenance and long overhaul intervals—Cat land driling engines deliver maximum productivity at the least expense.

CAT Land Driling Engine

This is the list of all series of CAT land driling engine.
Click here to find land driling engines by type (Fuel System & Emission Standard).

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