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The 5th China International Import Expo

Nov 11, 2022 | Global Exhibition | 0 comments

At the 5th China International Import Expo,A blue engine on the Caterpillar booth was particularly eye-catching.It is the TCG 3016 V12 gas engine of the Caterpillar brand MWM.

What are the environmental characteristics and performance advantages of this product?

As Caterpillar’s preeminent global brand specializing in gas-fired generating units, what efficient energy solutions can MWM provide to its customers? This will follow Xiaobian, to the booth to have a look!The MWM TCG 3016 OEM engine series is known for its stability, efficiency and flexibility. The output power range of a single machine is 600kW-1,000kW.It is applicable to a variety of gas types. Natural gas, biological biogas, sewage biogas, landfill biogas, hydrogen, coal mine gas, etc. can be used to meet the high requirements of wide application. The excellent cost performance and efficient mechanical efficiency make the investment and service costs lower. The lubricating oil consumption is as low as 0.1g/kWh. The installation is flexible and simple. The whole engine is equipped with an engine management system (GEM). Higher durability High durability ensures that the engine has higher reliability and availability under different site conditions.

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Dedicated to providing efficient clean energy solutions

As a world-renowned brand that provides high-efficiency clean energy and energy solutions, MWM can also provide gas-fired internal combustion engine generator sets ranging from 400kW to 4500kW. MWM’s gas-fired internal combustion engine is designed as a stationary, continuous operation capability power generation equipment, and has the following outstanding features: high efficiency, low emissions, wellhead gas, landfill gas, biogas, natural gas, coalbed methane, petroleum associated gas, sewage, biogas, biogas, high combustible industrial waste gas Reliability and economic benefits of various other combustible gases are outstanding


After mature research and development and rigorous testing, MWM’s gas generating units are able to meet the different needs of customers and provide tailored energy solutions. MWM is Caterpillar’s preeminent global brand focused on gas-fired generating units and is owned by Carl. Mr. Benz was founded in 1871 in Mannheim, Germany, with a long production history of more than 150 years. The company has been developing and building engines and generator sets that can efficiently provide electricity, heat and cold.

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