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A New Tool for Caterpillar Construction Management

Jun 7, 2022 | Special Products | 0 comments

Caterpillar has always been committed to creating more value for users by introducing better products, technologies and services through technological innovation. At a time when intelligent equipment is widely used in various fields, Caterpillar once again leads innovation in the industry, using all-round construction site interconnection technology, real-time monitoring of engineering equipment, engineering progress, engineering quality and engineering safety to achieve intelligent construction, A solid step has been taken towards intelligent equipment.

Judging from the status quo of the construction field, many large and medium-sized enterprises have a large number of mechanical equipment, but the inability to rationally dispatch and manage them has become the main bottleneck that affects construction efficiency and increases costs. It can greatly improve production efficiency, and can effectively reduce equipment loss and fuel consumption. Qingdao Port Group Dongjiakou Ore Terminal Co., Ltd. is one such enterprise.

Qingdao Port is the seventh largest port in the world and the third largest foreign trade port in my country, with a cargo throughput of 450 million tons in 2013. Among them, Dongjiakou Port has a planned area of ​​150 square kilometers, 20 berths have been built, and the throughput in 2013 exceeded 70 million tons. Qingdao Port Group Dongjiakou Ore Terminal Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in port ore shipment. It has a large number of machinery and equipment, of which 47 980H loaders equipped with Cat intelligence play an important role.

The loader fleet equipped with the Cat intelligent information system can be said to have opened up the “two veins of Ren and Supervisor”. Dongjiakou Ore Terminal Co., Ltd. can effectively grasp the operation of the equipment and manage the equipment scientifically. The Zhixun system has greatly improved the utilization rate of equipment while helping them reduce costs, and has truly achieved high efficiency and low consumption. At the same time, Caterpillar dealers will provide equipment usage reports on a regular basis to facilitate better maintenance and prolong equipment service life.

In the future competition of construction enterprises, innovation is undoubtedly the magic weapon to win. Fundamentally speaking, it is to improve the management efficiency, production level and product quality of enterprises through scientific and technological means. Today, Cat Intelligence makes this possible. No matter it is a big customer or a small customer, no matter what industry you are in, customers can find suitable solutions in the package of Cat Intelligent’s technical means. For example, users of leased equipment can monitor equipment usage through the intelligent information system, highway contractors can improve production efficiency through Cat grade control technology, and users in mining ports can monitor material shipments through payload technology.

With the gradual trend of intelligent construction, several main aspects of engineering construction, such as construction schedule management, engineering cost management, engineering quality management, etc., will be more widely redefined with intelligent thinking, and Cat Intelligence will help construction companies. More efficient, low consumption, safety and environmental protection, to achieve double harvest of economic and social benefits.


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