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Caterpillar C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

The CAT C7.1-ME400 marine main engine is an I-6, 4-Stroke-Cycle-Diesel engine with a 105 mm (4.13 in) bore, 135.0 mm (5.31 in) stroke and 7.01 L (428 in³) displacement. Lube oil system with replaceable oil filter: 20 L (5.3 gal) with common rail fuel system, heat exchanger or keel cooling and electronic (A5E2 V2 ECM) governor.The CAT C7.1- ME400 marine main engine is rated at 2600 RPM and rated at 400 bhp (298 bkW).

CAT C7.1- ME400 marine main engine complies with US EPA Tier 3/IMO II emission certification (commercial), RCD 2016, EU Stage IIIA emission standard, CCNR Stage II standard by following EU Stage IIIA standard, air intake is turbocharged After cooling.As part of EMAC, CAT Marine also offers high performance propulsion and handling solutions.

Advantages of Cat C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

  • adapts to harsh working conditions, and has high-intensity and heavy-duty work capabilities.

  • The Holset wastegate valve makes the low speed performance more perfect and the power performance better.

  • Holset supercharger with integrated wastegate valve, low speed response and strong power.

  • Using forged steel camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder design, many parts are cast on the cylinder, with high rigidity, high pressure resistance, good reliability and longer service life.

  • The cylinder liner adopts a platform mesh honing design, which effectively prevents oil leakage with a perfect geometric structure, and adopts advanced technology such as new piston ring components and gasket crimping molding to reduce oil loss.

  • The cylinder block and cylinder head adopt integrated design to prevent the occurrence of engine water and oil leakage. The parts are 40 % less than other similar engines, and the failure rate is greatly reduced.

Technical Specifications

Basic Introduction of Caterpillar C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

Engine Model:C7.1-ME400
Engine Type:I-6, 4-Stroke-Cycle-Diesel
Displacement:7.01 L
Rated Power / Speed:298 HP @ 2300 RPM
Aspiration Method:Turbocharged-Aftercooled
Emission Standard:IMO II
Bore * Stroke:105 mm (4.13 in) * 135 mm (5.31 in)
Packing Size(L * W * H):1095 mm * 798 mm * 876 mm
Weight , Net Dry:760 kg (1676 lb)
Lead Time:15-30 Working Days
Payment Terms:T/T ,L/C

Engine Model

Rated Speed


Fuel system type

C7.1-ME280209 HP @ 2300 RPMTurbocharged-AftercooledCommon Rail
C7.1-ME350261 HP @ 2500 RPMTurbocharged-AftercooledCommon Rail
C7.1-ME400298 HP @ 2600 RPMTurbocharged-AftercooledCommon Rail
C7.1-ME425317 HP @ 2700 RPMTurbocharged-AftercooledCommon Rail

General Engine Specifications of CAT C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

Basic Engine SpecificationsI-6, 4-Stroke-Cycle-DieselGovernorECU
Displacement7.01 L (428 in³)Fuel System TypeCommon Rail
Rated Engine Speed2600 RPMLength1095 mm (43.1 in)
Target Speed at Sea TrialRated Speed +/- 2% RPMWidth798 mm (31.4 in)
High Idle SpeedRated Speed +10% RPMHeight876 mm (34.5 in)
Low Idle Speed (Programmable)600-800 RPMWeight, Net Dry (Approx)760 kg (1676 lb)
AspirationTurbocharged-AftercooledRotation (From Flywheel End)Counterclockwise
Bore105 mm (4.13 in)Flywheel HousingSAE No. 03
Stroke135 mm (5.31 in)FlywheelSAE 11.5” with 126 Teeth
Peak Torque1357 Nm @ 1900 RPM (298 bkW)1001 ft-lb @ 1900 RPM (400 HP)

Tolerances of CAT C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

Power+/- 3 %Exhaust Flow+/- 6 %
Exhaust Stack Temperature+/- 8 %Specific Fuel Consumption+/- 3 %
Inlet Air Flow+/- 5 %Heat Rejection+/- 5 %
Intake Manifold Pressure+/- 10 %Fuel Rate+/- 5 %

Emission Compliance of CAT C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

RecreationalEPA Tier 3 (E3 Cycle)CommercialEPA Tier 3 (E3 Cycle)
Recreational Craft Directive (EU) RCD 2016

System of CAT C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

Air SystemCombustion Air Inlet System
Intake Combustion Air Flow24.3 m³/min (298 bkW)
Intake Combustion Air Flow858.5 cfm (400 HP)
Intake Combustion Air Temperature Up to50 °C (122 °F)
Max. Allowable Intake Air Restriction6.5 kPa (26 in H2O)
Engine Room Ventilation Air
Heat Rejection to Atmosphere9.5 kW (298 bkW) @ 25 °C Ambient Temperature
Heat Rejection to Atmosphere538 BTU/min (400 HP) @ 77 °F Ambient Temperature
Fuel SystemFuel Flow Supply Line (Max)270 L/hr (71.3 gal/hr)
Fuel Flow Return Line (Max)270 L/hr (71.3 gal/hr)
Fuel Rate at Rated Speed76.9 L/hr (298 bkW)
Fuel Rate at Rated Speed20.3 gal/hr (400 HP)
Total Fuel Supply Restriction (Max)30 kPa (8.9 in Hg) (4.4 PSI)
Fuel Restriction Across Primary Fuel Filter (Clean)3.5 kPa (1.0 in Hg) (0.5 PSI)
Fuel Temperature Engine Inlet (Max)60 °C (140 °F)
Fuel Return Line Restriction (Max)37 kPa (10.9 in Hg) (5.4 PSI)
Fuel Supply/Return Connection3/4″-16 SAE J514 (-8), 37° FLARE   13/16”-16 STOR (Optional)
Minimum Fuel Supply Line Inside DiameterSAE -8 (12.7 mm) (1/2 in)
Primary Fuel Filter Inlet/Outlet Connection3/4″-16 SAE J514 (-8), 37 °F LARE
Diesel Fuel GradeUS Diesel #2 / EN590 / Biodiesel 20 % Max
Exhaust SystemExhaust Gas Flow (Total)1745 kg/hr (298 bkW)
Exhaust Gas Flow (Total)3848 lb/hr (400 HP)
Exhaust Stack Temperature427 °C (298 bkW)
Exhaust Stack Temperature801 °F (400 HP)
Max. Allowable System Backpressure15 kPa (60.2 in H2O)
Max. Allowable Static Weight on Turbine Outlet0 kg (0 lb)
Max. Allowable Static Bending Moment on Turbine Outlet0 Nm (0 ft-lbs)
Lube SystemSump TypeCenter Sump
Sump Capacity20 L (5.3 gal)
Oil Change Interval500 hr
Max. Installation Angle (Fore-Aft)10 degrees
Max. Operating Angle (Fore-Aft)20 degrees
Max. Operating Angle (Athwart Ship)30 degrees
Quality Diesel Engine Oil (Min)CI-4 10W30 or 15W40
Starting SystemElectrical Starting Motor24 VDC, 12 VDC
Cold Starting520 CCA (24 VDC), 520 CCA (12 VDC)  [at -5 °C (23 °F) Ambient Temperature]
Recommended Battery Capacity2×100 Ah, Series (24 VDC), 2×100 Ah, Parallel (12 VDC)

Cooling System of CAT C7.1ME400 Marine Main Engine

HTC Cooling Water System

(Engine Jacket Water)

Heat Rejection to HTC Cooling Water System223 kW (298b kW)
Heat Rejection to HTC Cooling Water System12698 BTU/min (400 HP)
Flow HTC Cooling Water Pump (Nominal)440 L/min (298 bkW)
Flow HTC Cooling Water Pump (Nominal)96.8 gal/min (400 HP)
HTC Cooling Water Temperature Engine Out (Max)92 °C (203 °F)
HTC Cooling Water Refill Capacity (Keel Cooled Only)38 L (10 gal)
Coolant MediumCat Extended Life Coolant (ELC) or Equal. 50% Glycol
Expansion Tank Pressure Cap50 kPa (7.25 PSI)
HTC Cooling Water Connection Engine Inlet57 mm (2.25 in) OD
HTC Cooling Water Connection Engine Outlet57 mm (2.25 in) OD
LTC Cooling Water System (Aftercooler)Heat Rejection to HTC Cooling Water System55.4 kW (298 bkW)
Heat Rejection to HTC Cooling Water System3151 BTU/min (400 HP)
Flow HTC Cooling Water Pump (Nominal)200 L/min (298 bkW)
Flow HTC Cooling Water Pump (Nominal)44.0 gal/min (400 HP)
Ltc Water Temperature Engine In (27°C Sea)45 °C (298 bkW)
Ltc Water Temperature Engine In (81°F Sea)113 °F (400 HP)
Ltc Cooling Water Refill Capacity5 L (1.3 gal) Engine Only
Coolant MediumCat Extended Life Coolant (ELC) or Equal. 50% Glycol.
Expansion Tank Pressure Cap50 kPa (7.25 PSI)
Ltc Cooling Water Connection Engine Inlet (138)45 mm (1.75 in) OD
Ltc Cooling Water Connection Engine Outlet (139)45 mm (1.75 in) OD
Raw Water Cooling System (SWAC)Cooling Water Refill Capacity43 L (11.4 gal)
Coolant MediumCat Extended Life Coolant (ELC) or Equal. 50% Glycol
Expansion Tank Pressure Cap100 kPa (14.5 PSI)
Heat Rejection to Raw Water Cooling System276 kW (298 bkW)
Heat Rejection to Raw Water Cooling System15670 BTU/min (400 HP)
Flow Raw Water Pump (Nominal)200 L/min (298 bkW)
Flow Raw Water Pump (Nominal)44.0 gal/min (400 HP)
Raw Water Pump Maximum Inlet Restriction2.0 m (6.6 ft) H2O
Raw Water Temperature Engine Out to Gear Oil Cooler (27°C Sea)46.7 °C (298 bkW)
Raw Water Temperature Engine Out to Gear Oil Cooler (81°F Sea)116.1 °F (400 HP)
Gear Oil Cooler 473-0282 Heat Rejection Capability11.2 kW (636.9 BTU/min)
Raw Water Connection Engine Inlet50.8 mm (2.00 inch) SAE J1231 Hose Connection
Raw Water Connection Engine Outlet45 mm (1.77 inch) SAE J1231 Hose Connection
Sea Water Strainer Mesh Hole Diameter (Max)1.6 mm (0.063 in)

Standard of CAT C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

Cooling System1. Gear Driven Jacket PumpFuel System1. Common Rail Fuel System
2. Corrosion-Resistant Seawater Aftercooler2. Electric Fuel Priming Pump
3. Fuel Cooler
Universal1. Shock Absorbers and GuardsLubrication System1. Closed Crankcase Ventilation System
2. Self-Tensioning Multi-V-Belt Drive2. Integrated Engine Oil Cooler
Install the System1. Front and Rear Engine Mounting BracketsStarting System1. 12 V or 24 V Starter Motor
Exhaust System1. Water-Cooled Turbocharger and Exhaust Manifold


Optional of CAT C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

Air Intake System1. Various 6″ Water Cooled Exhaust Elbow ConfigurationsFuel System1. SOLAS Double Wall High Pressure Fuel Line Kit
Lubrication System1. Left And Right Oil DipsticksStarting System1. Auxiliary Alternator Mounted on Engine – 24V 100A or 12V 175A
2. Transmission Gear Oil Cooler (Installed Engine)2. Glow Plug
Cooling System1. Engine Mounted Bilge Pump and Auxiliary Water Pump with Electromagnetic ClutchProtection System1. Additional Engine Transmission Sensor Kits for Monitoring Onboard or Offboard
2. Tube Bundle Type Jacket Water Heat Exchanger and Gear Driven Sea Water Pump (Rubber Impeller)2. N/A
3. Jacket Water Heater3. N/A
4. Cab Heater (Heater) Connection4. N/A

Modifiable of CAT C7.1-ME400 Marine Main Engine

Air Intake System1. Installation Position of Air FilterStarting System1. 12V Starter Motor for 12V Electric System
2. Upgrade to  Heavy-Duty Type Air Fitler2. Upgrading to Specified Brand and Speicifications of  Starter Motor
Exhuast System1. Can Modify Installation Position and Direction of TurbochargerCharging System1. 12V Charging Alternator for 12V Electric System
2. Water-Cooled Exhuast Manifold2. Explosion-Proof Charging Alternator
3. Water-Cooled Turbocharger3. Upgrading to Specified Brand and Speicifications of Charging Alternator
Cooling System1. Can Modify Engine Into Keel Cooling SystemEngine Auiliary Accessories1. Additional Auxiliary Systems Can Be Added for Special Applications
Lubricating System1. Oil Pan PositionPower Output System1. Can Modify Size of Flywheel Housing and Flywheel
2. Number of Dipstick2. Dual-Ear Flywheel Housing (for Twin-Starter System)
3.  Position of Dipstick Can Choose From 6 Positions3. Some of Models Can Modify Flywheel Housing Into Pto Integrated Type
4. Can Modify Oil Filter to Be Remote Installation4. Engine Have Connecting Port of Ptos, That Able to Provide Power Output
Engine Mounting System1. Can Modify Engine Mouting BracketFuel System1. Upgrade to Fuel Fitler That Integrated with Fuel Transfer Pump and Fuel Pre-Hearter

Note: All Above Data are Just for Reference, All Data Might Change Without Notices or Updates, Please Contact Our Sales Team to Confirm All Details Via WhatsApp or Email.

What's the Standard Scopes of Supply?

With full ranges of emission standard from Euro 2 to Euro 7, caterpillar producing 12 series marine Main engines, started from 3.9 liter engine, to 15 liter engine, covering the power range of 125HP to 650HP.
caterpillar marine Main engine customize developing configurations for big vehicle OEMs in China, based on each of requirement, caterpillar producing dozens of different configuration engines with same engine model number, which only SO-Shop Order will be different with each other, the SO number is the identify number of the engine configuration of each model.
Even with same engine model, different SO number engine can have very different configuration with each other, with different prices. Some of SO-Shop Order is not available for commercial market, such as restricted models (Usually for military specifications).
EMAC offering most common, cost effective models which also able to process the production in caterpillar, which usually have following accessories as standard configuration.

Scopes of Supply of CAT Marine Main Engine

Air Intake System1. Air Intake Manifold        Exhuast System1. Exhuast Manifold
2. Air Filter2. Turbocharger
3. N / A3. Exhuast Elbow
Starting System1. Starter Motor        Charging System1. Charging Alternator
2. Starter Rely2. N / A
Lubricating System1. Oil Pump        Fuel System1. Fuel Transfer Pump
2. Oil Filter2. High-Pressure Fuel Pump
3. N / A3. Machanical Governor
4. N / A4. Fuel Filter
Engine Shut-Down System1. Engine Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid        Power Output System1. Flywheel
2. N / A2. Standard Flywheel Housing

What's the Available Optional Items?

Cat only provides customize service for the large quantity orders or large OEMs, which means usually the order quantity are higher than 1000 units. For the small quantity Engine project, EMAC provides customize services with our own resource and Engine team.
EMAC have rich experience on the customize developing, which provides abundant optional items based on the requirement of each project. The typical optional items are special Prestolite charging alternator, prestolite starter motor, Knorr Air compressor. Valeo air conditioning compressor, ECU output socket set, Engine accelerate pedal etc.

Optional Accessories of CAT CAT marine Main Engine

Air Intake System1. Air Intake Pre-Heater Exhuast System1. Muffler & Bellows
2. Air Intake Pre-Filter2. Flame Trap
3. Air Filter Alarm System3. Spark Arrestor Type Muffler & Bellows
4. N / A4. DPF System
Fuel System1. Coarse Filter Engine Auiliary Accessories1. Hydraulic Oil Pump
2. Fuel Pre-Heater 2. Hydraulic Cluch
Starting System1. Manual Magnetic DC Contactor Cooling System1. Engine Monitor
2. Dual Ears Flywheel Housing 2. Engine Protection System With Alarm System
3. Spring Starter Motor 3. Machanical Engine Control Lever Syste
4. Air Starter Motor 4. Electric Engine Control Lever System
5. Hydraulic Starter Motor 5. N / A
6. Manual Magnetic DC Contactor 6. N / A
Power Output System1. Gear Reduction Gearbox Cooling System1. Coolant Pre-Heater
2. Reverse Gear Box 2. Jacket Water Heater
Lubricating System1. Oil Pre-Heater Engine Mounting System1. Shock Absorber Pad

Committed to providing reliable premium propulsion system and power system for all kinds of ships around the world, SeaMac is a sub-brand of EMAC group that focused on maritime application.
SeaMac's ranges of products mainly inclduing marine main Engine, marine gearbox, marine propellers, marine control lever system, marine auxiliary Engine, marine Engine set and emergency Engine set.
For more information of our marine proplusion and power system products, you are welcome to visit SeaMac homepage:

What's the Modifiable Items and Scopes?

As explained in the standard scopes of supply, caterpillar not able to provide customize developing for small quantity projects or small OEMs, so EMAC helps SME OEMs to provide customize services, not only providing additional optional items, but also provides customize modification services to meet their requirements based on the exisiting Engine SO number.
As flexible service ability is our core advantages, EMAC is very experienced and good at providing customize services, the common customize services are as below:
1: AIr Intake System: Change the air intake direction.
2: Air Exhuast System: We are able to change the turbocharger direction as the interaction on installation could be occured, also change change the air exhuast direction.
3: Lubricating System: Modify lubricating system is one of the most common requirement from customer, we can provide flat-type Engine oil pan, to lower down total Engine height, which usually required for special vehicles. For the standard Engine oil pan, we also can change the direction of the Engine oil pan.
4: Cooling System: There are lots of options for the Engine cooling system, for the Engine fan, we can provide customize for the material of Engine fan (plastic fan or steel fan), wind direction of the Engine fan (blower fan or suction fan ) and types of Engine fan (mechanical fan or electric control fan).
5: Power Output System: Most of electronic controlled caterpillar marine Main Engine are comes with SAE#1 flywheel housing now, while lots of customers need SAE#2 flywheel because of the housing of transmissio is SAE#2, so we have to provide customzie services for those customer, which need to modify flywheel housing, flywheel and starter motor, we also have PTO integrated type flywheel housing available, which can output the whole power of the Engine from the PTO on the flywheel housing, we can also provide modification of the mounting side of the starter motor.
6: Electric System: All of caterpillar Engine are comes with standard 24V electric system, while some customer need to modify the electric system into 12V, we can also modify the starter motor and alternator into appointed brand or appointed specifications.
EMAC is your reliable professional power system partner, feel free to contact our services team to get detailed information about our standard scopes of supply, optional items and modifiable parts for our caterpillar marine Main Engine, we are ready to explore the journey of our cooperation.

How to Order Engine to Replace Your Old Engine?

There are three types of Engine replacements demand, type A is to replace the old caterpillar Engine, the original Engine is produced by caterpillar, type B is to replace caterpillar Engine produced in other countries including UK, USA, Mexico, India or Japan Komatsu caterpillar, type C is to replace other brands Engine or even gasoline Engine with caterpillar produced Engine. The detailed introduction and replacement process are as below:
Type A: Engine Replacement Requirement (Original Engine is caterpillar Engine).
This is most simple demand case, you just need to provide us the original Engine name plate, and then we can easily check and confirm what exactly you need, and we also ensuring that the Engine from us will be 100% same with your original Engine. (In some case that the vehicle manufacturing modify the Engine on their own, we are not able to supply the parts or the condition that modified by the vehicle manufacturer)
Type B: Engine Replacement Requirement (Original Engine is caterpillar Engine but produced in UK, USA or other caterpillar Engine plant).
EMAC have rich experiences in replace the UK, USA or other Engine plant produced Engine, with caterpillar produced caterpillar Engine, we required the original Engine name plate photo to obtain the related information (at least we will need Engine serial number, with Engine model name only is useless for us, we are not able to provide quotation with Engine model name only for the replacement project), and then we can check out the BOM list and all accessories of your original Engine serial number, and then we can check and compare with the BOM list of our caterpillar produced Engine, choose the most closest SO number Engine, and modify the parts that not same with your original Engine, we have delivered hundreds of cases of replace the customer's original Engine that produced in caterpillar UK, USA or other Engine plants with caterpillar produced Engine, you can refer to our video introduction on Youtube:
We can NOT guarantee the Engine produced by caterpillar is exactly same with your original Engine, but we can guarantee that all of Engine from EMAC will have no problem with installtion and performance, which all of Engine can works very well after replacement.
Type C: Engine Replacement Requirement (Original Engine is other brnad Engine even gasoline Engine).
EMAC also have rich experiences in replace the Engine that not caterpillar installed, these Engine can be other brands such as Deutz, caterpillar, Perkins, Komatsu or others, we even had experiences of replace gasoline Engine with caterpillar produced diesel Engine.
This kind of appliaction is more complex and quite risky, EMAC can't do much thing due to lacking of information, the only thing we can guarantee is the performance after replacement, we check and compare the Engine performance curve of original Engine and our caterpillar Engine, and then we select the most suitable model for replacement. Due to we are lacking of the installation spaces and related accessories, we will send the both CAD and 3D drawing for our recommend Engine model, and then customer have to evaluate the risky of replace the original Engine with our Engine, especially the risky of space, the possibile interactive when installation, and the risky of modify related coolant pipe, air pipes and wiring harness. Normally this kind of request consuming lots of energy and resource for us to carry on, also quite risky for us, so we will not work on the replacement quantity that below 50 units.
When your requirement is replacement, please tell our customer service team of what type of replacement you need, and provide us original Engine name plate, the Engine name plate is the necessary material before we start our business negotiations, we will NOT reply to all inquiry that even can't provide Engine name plate.

How to Choose the Right CAT Marine Main Engine for You?

To choose a suitable Engine for truck, bus or special vehicle manufacturer is quite simple, because the buyer is the manufacturer, so usually they are quite flexible with space, pipes and wiring connections.
The following process are the standard process for us to select a suitable Engine model for truck, bus or special vehicle manufacturer demand.
Step 1: We need basic information of the required Engine, including rated power, rated speed and emission standard of the required Engine.
Step 2: EMAC will evaluate the requirement and select the suitable Engine model for customer, with Engine data sheet, Engine performance curve, CAD darwing, 3D model and budgetary quotation provided back to customer.
Step 3: Customer should check and compare the Engine data sheet, performance curve and related drawing and confirm all details one by one. Most important thing is confirm the performance curve suitable for the requirement.
Step 4: After Engine confirmed, we have to check and confirm the specifications of accessories one by one carefully, like the electric system specifications (12V or 24V), the detailed specifications of starter motor, charging alternator, air compressor, power steering pump, A/C compressor etc.
Step 5: Confirming the accessories positions and connections, customer need to check and confirm all positions are suitable for the project, such as Engine fan, turbocharger, oil pan position, and connections of air pipe, coolant pipe, wiring harness etc.
Step 6: After confirming the Engine performance, position, connection and specifications of all accessories, we will be able to provide accurate quotation for prototype and batch order. Prototype is strongly recommend to start the cooperation, to avoid the possible problem, risky on the Engine with batch order.
1: Technical support including technical training, onsite installation and commissioning services are avaiable with additional chargers.
2: We are able to supply complete powertrain system, including Engine, transmission, transfer, axle, suspension etc, Engine with transmission is highly recommended, because if we supply both Engine and transmission, we can run simulations for the vehicle, which we usually will provide customer a simulation report, with the simulated result of Balanced Maximum Vehilce Speed and Maximum Grade Ability at different speed.
3: EMAC able supply complete chassis that integrate all powertrain system together, which can greatly reduce the manufacturer's design works and reduce the system mismatching risky.

Tips of CAT Marine Main Engine!

caterpillar is one of 50:50 joint venture of caterpillar in China, its official caterpillar factory that following high caterpillar USA production and quality control standard, the caterpillar factory swap every 5 years between appointed employee from caterpillar Motor and caterpillar. For more details, you can refer to the company introduction of caterpillar Engine Company.

Started the production of caterpillar Engine in China in 1980s, caterpillar products has been in China for over 40 years, thousands of people have worked for caterpillar China and some of them are very skilled experienced engineer, some of them resigned from caterpillarto set up their own small workshops or assembly factories that focusing on producing copy caterpillar Engine.

Price is always not the problem for Chinese suppliers, there are many tickies to lower down the Engine prices, such as supply self-rebuild Engine as new Engine, supply official RECON Engine from caterpillar as brand new Engine, assembly the fake Engine with after-market parts, supply lower power model Engine and change the name plate etc. You can find plenty of suppliers on with various prices, the classic Chinese business style is tell you that he give you very low price and not make profit, how can you believe a businessman will make business that have no profit? They gave you low price not becuase they share their profit to you?
As a matter of fact, Chinese supplier often make their profit much more higher by selling the low quality copy products as genuine brand new products! Always remember YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID!
The key point of dealing with Chinese supplier, is to find and choose reliable business partner that will not cheat you for short-term business, but with vision of build long-term career and life-time partnership, EMAC is one of the reliable partner that not chasing for short-term high profit, but we cares our decades of good reputation and we working with all business partners not as supplier and customers, but as close friend and brothers.

FAQ of CAT Marine Main Engine?

1: What mean by CAT?
CAT is the short name of caterpillar caterpillar Company, take the first letter of each word, it comes with caterpillar as short name, for more details about caterpillar, you can refer to the company introduction of CAT caterpillar Company.

2: Does your caterpillar copy products?
This question is quite often from customer that not familiar with caterpillar, caterpillar have over 20 joint ventures in China now, and 6 of them are caterpillar joint venture, which caterpillar owns 50% share of all of those 6 caterpillar plants, so all of the caterpillar factories in China are genuine caterpillar factory, that following high caterpillar USA production and quality control standard. EMAC is the business partner of caterpillar, and we are supplying powertrain and caterpillar power pack based on genuine brand new caterpillar from caterpillar for all different applications, EMAC is a reliable and professional power system solution provider that offering abundant various options.
3: Why there are so many companies selling CAT caterpillar?
There are plenty of companies selling CAT caterpillar in China, especially on the B2B platform, such as, you can find plenty suppliers there with attractive prices, caterpillar products has been in China for over 40 years, thousands of people have worked for caterpillar China and some of them are very skilled experienced caterpillar, some of them resigned from caterpillar to set up their own small workshops or assembly factories that focusing on producing copy CAT caterpillar. You should be careful of being cheated by the attractive prices with copy or rebuild products.
4: How can I identify if the caterpillar genuine or not?
caterpillar keep working on the updating its identification system, technically, there are serial number on all key components of CAT caterpillar, including cylinder block, cylinder head, turbochager, fuel pump, starter motor, alternator, you can collecting the serial number (NOT part number), and then call caterpillar call service center to identify if all the numbers are matching to the original number or not. EMAC continuously updating the latest caterpillar identification system, you are welcome to following our website or keep in touch with our customer services team to get latest information from caterpillar.
5: What's the warranty policy for the caterpillar supplied by EMAC?
EMAC following standard caterpillar warranty policy, which will update sometimes, you can following us to get the latest warranty policy from caterpillar. Generally EMAC only afford the defective parts cots and shipping costs for the warranty claims, labor costs and transportation costs are not covered in the warranty.
However, EMAC is building our own independant after-sales service system now, which aims to build a global service network, with resouces of global repair and caterpillar network, which we believe can bring all business partner benifit in future, helping all of OEM manufacturers expanding their market into global market without worries of lacking after-sales service network. For more details about our Global Service, you can visiting
6: How about the future parts supply for the caterpillar? Are you able to supply parts?
As the support team of EMAC's business scope, PartMac is our own brand that focusing on genuine parts directly from all brand factories.
All of EMAC’s partners are facing big challenges with sourcing original spare parts in China. Committed to providing truthworthy and professional after-sales support and parts supply, PartMac is a sub-brand of EMAC group that focusing on parts business. Stick to original parts only, PartMac can’t give any solution on CHEAP PARTS, but you don’t need to worry about any quality issues with every single parts from PartMac.
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