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Caterpillar has a New Plan to Help Customers With Energy Transformation!

Jun 24, 2024 | China News | 0 comments

Caterpillar recently announced the launch of a new educational program called “Pathways to Sustainability” to help customers in the mining, quarrying and aggregate industries on their energy transition journey. The four-year program will provide participants with comprehensive and diverse learning opportunities, energy transition project recommendations and other resources related to sustainable product acquisition.

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The Path to Sustainability program focuses on understanding the sustainability goals of each participating company, providing participants with information and tools to help them understand where they are in their respective sustainability journeys and what energy transition strategies may be tailored to support their actions.

The program provides online and offline training, focusing on six areas affected by the energy transition – strategy, people, products, processes, technology and infrastructure. In line with Caterpillar’s 2030 sustainability goals, the program will explore opportunities to achieve customer job site emission reduction goals through a variety of means, including technology application, reducing waste generated during the machine life cycle, fleet management strategies and currently available solutions to improve efficiency.

The Path to Sustainability program is based on the Early Learner program launched by Caterpillar in 2021.

What is the Early Learners Program?

The Early Learner program, which kicks off in 2021, will see Caterpillar work with select customers to test and validate the company’s new battery-powered equipment as well as charging and infrastructure solutions.

To achieve leapfrog progress, it will take a concerted effort across the industry. Our Early Learners and Pathways to Sustainability programs are designed to encourage learning together and to work together to create a better future. We are proud to support our customers every step of the way as they design their own energy transition pathways and goals.

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