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Caterpillar’s Remanufacturing Model

Jun 6, 2022 | Special Application | 0 comments

Caterpillar’s concept is that there is no remanufacturing without core components. The core piece is remanufactured in blood and fundamentals. Remanufacturing mentioned in the context of dual carbon and green recycling has particularly important practical and practical implications.

Three operating modes of American remanufacturing enterprises.
1. It is a remanufacturing enterprise invested, controlled or authorized by the original manufacturer. Such enterprises only produce their own products, and the remanufactured products are directly circulated in the spare parts and service system of the original manufacturer, and use the logo of the original manufacturer, such as Caterpillar Remanufacturing Group.
2. It is an independent remanufacturing company. Such a company is not attached to any original manufacturer, produces remanufactured products completely according to the needs of the maintenance market, and is only responsible for the remanufactured products produced.
3. There are tens of thousands of small remanufacturing factories. They provide customers with complete remanufacturing services in various flexible ways. Customers remanufacture there, and the ownership of remanufactured core parts generally does not change.

Caterpillar Remanufacturing Philosophy and Practice
1. No remanufacturing of core components means no remanufacturing;
2. Caterpillar has a self-developed core parts management system to track the flow of all remanufactured core parts;
3. The processing time for remanufactured core parts does not exceed 48 hours per order;
4. Reverse logistics is not isolated, it is combined with the traditional logistics system, and it is also parallel.

 Finally, on the whole, the business model of construction machinery remanufacturing in my country has not been determined, and the business model of remanufacturing is still blank. Remanufacturing not only requires research and discussion in the three dimensions of technology, operation and society, but also urgently requires relevant research from the perspective of supply and demand in economics. As for who is more suitable to lead the remanufacturing business of the construction machinery industry, it also requires continuous trial and error. The three remanufacturing models of American companies can undoubtedly serve as the stone of others, and provide the direction and path for the remanufacturing of the construction machinery industry.


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