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Common Problems and Solutions in The Use of Lubricating Oil

Nov 26, 2021 | Operation and Maintenance | 0 comments

As the Agent of Cummins Engine, EMAC Summarized Some Common Problems and Solutions Regarding the use of Cummins Engine Lubricants.

When Using Cummins Engines, Different Brands of Quality Lubricants should Not be Mixed:

What kind of lubricating oil is used for automobile engines is clearly required in the Cummins engine technical manual and should be selected according to the requirements. However, in practice, you may not be able to buy suitable oil. In this case, lubricating oil with the same or similar viscosity grade and higher quality grade can be selected, such as SF grade instead of SE grade and CD grade. For CC level, the replacement of high to low can be temporary or long-term. When replacing it for a long time, the oil change period should be extended to avoid waste. One of the important properties of medium and high-grade gasoline lubricants is to control the formation of low-temperature sludge; and one of the important properties of medium and high-grade diesel lubricants is to have good high-temperature oxidation resistance to adapt to the different working conditions of gasoline and diesel engines. Require. Therefore, in principle, it is not suitable to replace each other.

Lubricating oil contains many additives, and the additives added by different brands of lubricating oil are not necessarily the same. Some additives will have an antagonistic effect and reduce performance after mixing. EMAC recommends that lubricants of different brands should not be mixed as much as possible to avoid accidents, and try to use lubricants recommended by EMAC.

It is Normal for the Lubricating Oil to Turn Black when Using Cummins Engine:

When the engine’s technical condition is normal and the fuel and lubricating oil used meet the requirements, the color of the lubricating oil in use will gradually darken until it turns black.

  1. The residue after fuel combustion is miscible in lubricating oil.
  2. The lubricating oil works at a very high temperature and naturally oxidizes.
  3. Lubricating oil has a strong detergency and dispersing ability to dissolve or disperse the oxides, gums, and asphaltenes in the lubricating oil in the oil.

The quantity of the above substances increases with the extension of working hours, and the color will inevitably gradually darken and darken.

When using a Cummins Engine, If the Lubricating Oil Darkens in a Short Period of Time, It is Abnormal. The Reasons should be Investigated from the Following Aspects:

  1. Whether the fuel is completely burned when the engine is working, whether the piston, piston ring and cylinder block are worn too much, and the seal is not tight. If the fuel burns incompletely, the exhaust gas entering the lubricating oil tank will quickly turn the lubricating oil into black and thick.
  1. When changing the oil, whether the lubricating oil tank and oil passage have been cleaned. If it is not cleaned, its residue will contaminate the new oil.
  2. Whether the level of lubricating oil meets the requirements for use. High-temperature, high-speed, and high-load engines should use high-grade lubricating oil with good oxidation stability and good additive quality. The use of poor quality oil will quickly deepen the oil color and turn black.

When Using Cummins Engine, the Lubrication System of the Engine should be Cleaned in Time:

After the lubricating oil is used for a period of time, there will be many impurities such as gum and metal wear debris generated by oxidation. Impurities such as metal shavings will seriously pollute the quality of newly added lubricating oil and accelerate the rate of deterioration of the new oil. Therefore, when replacing the lubricating oil, the oil pan and oil circuit must be cleaned.

Cleaning Method:

  1. Drain the oil in the oil pan and coarse and fine filters while it is hot after parking.
  2. Fill the engine lubricating oil tank with clean ordinary lubricating oil plus 20% light diesel oil or thinner lubricating oil. The quantity is 60%-80% of the standard capacity of the oil tank.
  3. Remove the spark plug, shake the crankshaft with the handle for 3 to 5 minutes, and then release all the cleaning oil.
  4. Install the spark plug and change the oil.
  5. Clean the crankcase ventilation device, remove the ventilation pipe and valve, dry it with compressed air and reinstall it after cleaning.

Reasons for Excessive Lubricating Oil Consumption when Using Cummins Engine:

Mechanical Reason:

  1. Excessive wear of the piston, piston ring and cylinder wall, and excessive clearance.
  2. The piston ring has insufficient elasticity or stuck in the groove, and the seal is not tight.
  3. The gap between the valve and the rocker arm is too large, oil leaps outward, the valve guide is worn, and the lubricating oil is sucked into the cylinder.
  4. The pressure of the lubricating oil pan is too high, and the lubricating oil enters the cylinder through the exhaust gas circulation device.
  5. The oil level in the oil pool of the oil bath air filter is too high, and the lubricating oil is sucked into the cylinder.
  6. The piston ring is installed upside down or broken or the opening is on the same side.

Reasons for Oil Quality:

If the composition of the internal combustion lubricating oil base oil is too light or too wide, over-consumption will also occur, and the evaporation loss should be checked whether it is qualified.

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