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Hardcore State IV Standard, When “Burning” Do Not Iet!

Jun 9, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

A few days ago, at the site of the Dashan Expressway pavement overhaul project in Sichuan Province, a Cat® (Carter) AP655 paver with National IV emissions was paving asphalt. Until the paving is done in one go… In a short while, a black and bright black road will be displayed in front of people…

Hardcore Country Four, When Burning Do Not Iet!1

Cat® (Carter) Guosi AP655 paver is being overhauled at the Dashan Expressway


Basic situation

As an inter-provincial expressway connecting Xi’an, Chongqing and Chengdu, the three central cities in the west, the Dashan Expressway, due to geological conditions, traffic loads, climatic conditions, roadbed conditions, etc., after many years of operation, some sections of the road have serious potholes Some deep-seated diseases are difficult to be completely treated, which greatly affects the driving safety and comfort, reduces the traffic capacity of the road, and needs to be overhauled and rebuilt in time.

Hardcore Country Four, When Burning Do Not Iet!2

The Dashan Expressway under major repair


The Dashan Expressway pavement overhaul project will start construction in the second half of 2022. By the end of 2022, a total of 65km of road surface treatment on the left and right panels has been completed, and the remaining 37km will be completed in 2023. At present, the project is progressing very smoothly. Chengdu Ruixin Pavement Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the pavement construction task of Dashan Expressway.

Hardcore Country Four, When Burning Do Not Iet!3

Cat® AP655 paver working in the tunnel


Equipment performance

The terrain of the Dashan Expressway is complex, there are many bridges and tunnels, and the overhaul project has extremely strict requirements on the paver. Why is the Cat® AP655 L paver favored by the construction party? This is determined by its characteristics.
1. The Cat AP655 L paver with National IV emissions and extended hopper has the characteristics of strong power, economy and fuel saving, no need to add urea, low noise, no smoke and dust, and can adapt to various working conditions;
2. With advanced automatic leveling system, high precision and good paving smoothness;
3. The track has the function of automatic tensioning, the traction force is large, no need to grease, the speed is fast, and it does not slip;
4. One-button operation of the fully hydraulic screed is adopted, and the heating of the screed only takes 15 minutes, without delaying the construction progress;
5. The cab has a large space, wide field of vision, and is very convenient for maintenance.
According to the person in charge of the equipment lessor—Chengdu Ruixin Company, this paver has been on site since mid-April to late April. The extremely high construction efficiency and construction effect have won praise from the project party.

Hardcore Country Four, When Burning Do Not Iet!4

Cat® (Carter) AP655 paver performed well in the Dashan Expressway overhaul project

Operator Xiaolong has been driving paver for more than ten years, and this is his first time operating a Cat paver. His evaluation of this paver is: strong power, fuel-efficient, comfortable operation, convenient maintenance, and he thinks “this is a very good paver I have used before”.

Hardcore Country Four, When Burning Do Not Iet!5

Operator Long Mingchao spoke highly of the performance of the Cat AP655 paver


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