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Iran Tehran International Industry Exhibition

Jul 3, 2021 | News & Events | 0 comments

Iran Tehran International Industry Exhibition (TIIE) has been held every year since 2000, It is the famous international trade exhibition held by the government of Iran for many years. It is classified as a professional exhibition with trade characteristics. This exhibition was held by the Iranian Iran International Exhibition Company which belongs to Iranian Ministry of Commerce. After years of development, the exhibition has formed a larger scale. The international exhibitors are come from Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and other countries, with large scale exhibition, many exhibitors, wide range of exhibits, strong market demand.

Product range: Power transmission and control technology; Industrial parts and sub-contracting technology; Electric engineering-mechanical engineering-energy technology; Renewable energy sources; Various kinds of machine tools and metal processing; Hardware electronics.

Iran Tehran International Industry Exhibition

With the continuous reduction of traditional resources, there is a new trend in the development and utilization of new energy sources all over the word. Our company has developed series energy saving products such as lighting system, solar wind illumination system, solar wind distributed power station, solar wind hybrid monitoring system, solar wind electric charging station, solar wind underground parking, and solar wind micro base station. All the products are fully utilizes the characteristics of the wind and solar energies to generate power in a complementary mode. The product of Solar Wind hybrid lighting system is an off-grid LED street light system that fully utilizes wind and solar energy for power supply. It is mainly made of vertical axis wind turbine, solar modules, controller, special storage battery and LED lighting, complementary with related accessories like lamp-post, solar panel support and etc. At night, the LED lighting lights up automatically utilizing the electric energy stored in the battery after the instruction sent by the controller. When the LED lighting time reaches the setting time of the controller, it is going to turn off automatically. From charging to on/off, the whole process is completed by the controller without manual operation. This product takes full advantage of renewable energy wind and solar. There are many advantages of this product.First off all, This product is more reliable, it has longer use, and it had also been operate well after typhoon landing. Secondly, this product has more than 10 product-related patents. Finally, this product is very economic, the cost of the investment include wind turbine, controllers, batteries, poles, LED lamps, cable, supports and fasteners. Besides, this product also can meet customized request, the maximum power can be customized as 300W.

Iran Tehran International Industry Exhibition-1

In 2017, Suwin joined EMAC–Sinogen International group in a partnership to promote international export sales of solar wind hybrid products. And EMAC International Group was established in 2010 and is located in Shenzhen, which concentrates on providing power driven system solutions as well as complete equipment for transportation, construction, maritime and energy application fields.

EMAC has been integrating industry leaders (Duramac, Sunyear, Advance, Hispeed and Suwin)as long-term strategic partners and has gained a solid foundation and excellent reputation for its 4A2D products and solutions. EMAC now has three subsidiaries, three domestic joint ventures, two overseas joint ventures and five independently registered brand trademarks, In the mean time, EMAC owned genset factory SinoGen is a independent diesel generator set and gas generator set manufacturer, which powered by DCEC, CCEC, Deutz, Weichai and Yuchai engines. SinoGen generator set has been widely exported to over 30 countries in the world and now keep expanding our business ranges with slogen “A promise is A promise”. To date and future, EMAC continues to provide professional, tailored and economic solutions to its customers and focuses on the commissioning, design, supply and installation of quality products as well as providing second to none pre and after-sales service.

Date:October 6-9,2017



Exhibitor:EMAC-Sinogen International Group

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