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Those “Black Technologies” Hidden in the Job Site

Aug 11, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Digging, loading, pushing, shoveling, transporting, and leveling are easy, flexible, safe and efficient. This is the daily work of “big trucks” under the control of operators. How can equipment operation be more comfortable, safe and efficient? Caterpillar engineers have the answer.

Fighting for a long time in harsh working conditions such as mines, deserts, and steep slopes? Sealed pressurized cab, heating and cooling air-conditioning system, Bluetooth audio, wide and adjustable seats, high-definition touch screen and more intuitive control devices, and more spacious legroom, all of which make driving more comfortable and more technological Feeling, with such a cab, are you still afraid?

Poor visibility on a construction site, distraction or fatigue during construction are common phenomena in construction. Cat@ (Carter) smart app to help!

Cat Detect system: It can identify people in the low-visibility area around the machine, and timely warn the operator through audible alarm and image.Cat MineStar Driver Safety System: Alerts the operator with loud seat vibrations and an audible alarm when it “perceives” operator inattention or fatigue.

In some working conditions with high risk factors, the Cat Command remote control system allows the operator to complete the work through remote control technology without being on the construction site.

At present, more than 7,000 driver safety systems are protecting operators in more than 2,000 mines around the world.

There are masters who are “proficient in all eighteen martial arts” in the martial arts world. Operators in the field of construction machinery need to practice and improve continuously if they want to be able to grasp them with ease.

The Cat Simulator simulation technology truly restores the tasks and challenges in the actual construction scene, allowing the operator to learn personally and gain an immersive operating experience.


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