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Caterpillar and the Mississippi River

Aug 25, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

The Mississippi River, one of the longest rivers in the world and an important commercial waterway in North America, once played an important role in the economic development of the United States.

Historically, the Mississippi River has been prone to flooding, and attempts have been made to “tame” the great river.

People began building dikes with crude equipment as early as 1718, and in the 1920s, technological advances and the widespread use of earth-moving machinery made it easier to build dikes.

In 1927, a major flood started the era of government-funded levee construction.

Once the CAT® 60 diesel crawler tractor was launched, it ushered in a “big test” – to help build the Mississippi River dam.Caterpillar and the Mississippi River1

In 1932, the construction company Rodgers purchased a CAT 60 diesel crawler tractor and used it to build levee along the Mississippi River. This was the fifth 60 diesel crawler tractor that Caterpillar rolled off the production line.

The construction company Rodgers praised this equipment: “Spend the least money, do the most work”!

In 1933, Rodgers was quoted in the marketing copy of the Model 60 Diesel Track Tractor: “From April 1st to December 1st, 1932, the engine of the equipment ran 5856 hours continuously day and night, with almost no repairs. , always in good shape.”

Caterpillar and the Mississippi River2

Rodgers was very pleased with the CAT equipment, calling it “the best tractor on the market” at the time.

Rodgers was deeply impressed by the CAT 60 diesel crawler tractor with its excellent performance and reliable quality, and the company then ordered four more machines.

Caterpillar and the Mississippi River3

In 1942, ten years after the fifth Model 60 diesel track tractor was involved in the construction of the Mississippi River levees, the machine’s engine is still powering the draglines on the Mississippi River. At that time, the total operating time of the engine had reached about 35,000 hours.

For hard-core working conditions, it must be CAT equipment! Whether in history or today, Caterpillar has always provided customers with excellent products to help build a better and more sustainable world.


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