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“After-Sales Service, Remanufacturing” Hydraulic Components.

Mar 28, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

The “Remanufacturing” theme series column, “After-sales service, what can be done with remanufacturing” is here again to “popularize science” for customers who are interested in remanufacturing! This issue will talk about Cat® Reman hydraulic components.


Why are Cat Reman hydraulic components recommended?
“Customers buy Cat Reman pumps because they can be installed much faster than standard teardown and rebuild repairs, and they don’t have to worry about contamination getting into the hydraulic system. In less time and with the same warranty as new parts. I am happy to recommend complete Cat Reman hydraulic components to my customers because they come assembled and ready to use.”
Cat dealer Thompson Machinery parts, sales and service representative John Ware said.


Which Cat Reman hydraulic components offer like-new performance, making them an excellent choice for cost-effective repairs?

Gear pump → Cylinder assembly/Off Highway Truck (OHT) front and rear struts → Diverter valve/Implement valve.

Piston pumps/motors → off-highway truck (OHT) front and rear struts/off-highway trucks → lock-up valves and relief valves/regulators.

Leaf filter cartridge → (OHT) front and rear suspension/connecting rod → quick drop valve/piston type energy storage.


Can meet construction industries such as excavation, earth moving, paving, quarry and aggregates, waste/compaction; can also meet energy and transportation, such as power, industrial, marine, oil and gas, road trucks; can also It is suitable for resource industry, open pit mining, underground longwall mining (soft rock), underground hard rock room type, and roadway pillar type mining.

“Individual components are ‘remanufactured’ at our Cat Reman factory. We thoroughly clean, disassemble, inspect and sort our exchanged parts to produce a variety of advanced components such as hydraulic pumps or fluids. Cylinder assembly. We use the same assembly line as new parts to process and produce CatReman products, and use the same Cat quality management system as new parts for quality control.” said Jennifer Leustek, Cat Reman hydraulic, electronic and electrical product line product manager.


What are the used part recycling criteria for Cat Reman hydraulic components?
When hydraulic components show signs of reaching the end of their life cycle, consult your local dealer for Cat Reman replacement options. After you purchase a Cat Reman product, you can return your scrapped pre-owned part to the dealer for a part-back deposit. The used part refund deposit you can get will depend on the availability of the used part. In most cases, we accept pre-owned items and offer a full or partial pre-owned item refund deposit if:
1. Fully assembled and complete
2. No visible cracks, breaks or welds
3. No abnormal damage (such as irregular operation, excessive rust, corrosion or pitting)
4. Acceptable Cat part numbers



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