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Caterpillar at the Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Show

Mar 21, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

On March 14th, the largest construction machinery industry event in North America – Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Exhibition (CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023) officially kicked off. The global construction machinery giants competed on the same stage, and the “machine” was magnificent .

At this exhibition, Caterpillar showed up with a strong lineup of exhibitors, and the wonderful occasions swamped the screen again and again, showing the eye-catching lineup in an all-round way! More than 30 types of equipment including battery-powered products, high-efficiency power solutions, cutting-edge technology and service solutions, exploded the exhibition site!


The new Cat® 950 medium-sized wheel loader was unveiled at this exhibition, and several advantages are worthy of attention!
1. Excellent performance
2. Convenient Technology
3. Improve production efficiency
4. Lower maintenance cost and longer maintenance cycle

The new generation of Cat 926/930/938 small wheel loaders, which Caterpillar plans to put into production later in 2023, were also exhibited at the scene. Big upgrades and improvements.

Industrial power solutions attract attention

Caterpillar Industrial Power Systems Division exhibited a strong lineup of Cat industrial power solutions, including a new high-power diesel engine Cat® C13D, and advanced lithium-ion battery technology under development. Other engine products on display include – C 3.6 IPU, C 7.1 and C 9.3B engines that meet EU Stage V standards and US EPA Tier 4 final emission standards.


Eye-catching cutting-edge technology

In the Caterpillar technology exhibition area at the exhibition site, a series of cutting-edge Cat technologies refreshed the exhibitors’ perceptions. They are “Catjia” black technologies that make operation efficiency and fleet management more efficient——VisionLink®, Cat Command, VisionLink Productivity , Cat Detect, Cat Grade, and Cat Payload.


Help customers develop sustainably

Fuel efficiency and alternative power sources, technologies suitable for various operating scenarios and cost requirements, and parts and services designed to make operations easier and more efficient are the core highlights of the sustainable development exhibition area. In this exhibition area, customers can more clearly understand how their choices in equipment and technology can contribute to sustainable development.

Outside the sustainable development exhibition area, Caterpillar’s overall solution for energy transformation was presented, including four prototypes of battery-driven equipment – Cat 301.9 small excavator, Cat 320 medium excavator, Cat 950 GC medium wheel loader and Cat 906 Compact Wheel Loader. Powering these electric prototypes are Caterpillar-designed batteries, which are based on Cat lithium-ion technology and are modular in design to provide flexible configurations and adaptability to multiple applications.

Convenient and flexible service options

Caterpillar provides a series of convenient, flexible and sustainable service options, including the Cat Central application that allows customers to easily inquire and order Cat spare parts, and get timely maintenance assistance; to help customers easily solve maintenance, repair problems and failures Brand new Cat SISGO app excluded. Service solutions such as CVA, Cat certified refurbishment, Cat remanufactured products, and Cat financing were also displayed in the service exhibition area.


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