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Bright! Review of “Welding Month” Activities at Caterpillar Plants

May 12, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

In the past “Welding Month”,Caterpillar held a number of factories in ChinaDiverse and rich in content”Welding Month” activities,Share, communicate, motivate, recognizeBecome the main theme of the “Welding Month” activities.Let’s review it together!

Caterpillar (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd.

Welding Team Knowledge Sharing Session

At the end of April, Caterpillar Xuzhou factory held a “Welding Month” special learning hour event, focusing on welding robot technology, understanding of welding profession, welder’s daily work and FUN life, several employees of the welding line Great sharing for you all.

Welding skills competition

Use competitions to help students and strengthen internal strength. In order to celebrate “Welding Month”, a welding skill appraisal activity was held in the L structure area of Xuzhou factory, aiming to enhance employees’ welding skills and improve welding quality. The evaluation focuses on the four major aspects of appearance inspection, cutting inspection, appearance review, and UT flaw detection, and there are different awards as recognition and rewards.

Exclusive tug-of-war competition for welders

If you can afford a welding torch, you can also match your strength. A tug-of-war competition customized for welders pushed the Xuzhou factory’s “Welding Month” series of activities to a climax. The 8 welder teams from 2 welding workshops are closely linked together by a tug-of-war rope. The contest between you and me conveys more friendship, strength and trust.

Caterpillar (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Brainstorming ideas for “trying out” new devices

Insights can only be obtained through technical exchanges. Recently, a twin-wire welding machine and a welding collaborative robot have settled in the Suzhou factory. Through the explanation and hands-on experience, the welders in the Suzhou factory felt the positive impact of technology and automation on production. As actual welding experts in the front line, the welders offered their suggestions, analyzed the characteristics of the new equipment, and considered the feasibility of applying the new technology to actual production.

“War” simulators show their special abilities

When it comes to the most popular place in the Suzhou factory at noon every day during the “Welding Month”, it must be the virtual welding simulator experience area in the lobby. Here, through the blessing of VR technology, without consuming any test boards, employees who have never experienced welding before can also try the charm of welding and experience the daily life of welders.

“Soldering is too difficult!” Looking at the flashing scores on the screen, the experiencers laughed and confided. When they learned that the actual welding torch is several times heavier than the virtual welding torch, and welders need to wear heavy protective clothing and maintain welding positions for a long time every day, everyone was in awe. “Before I only knew that welding is a job that requires technology, but I really tried it, so I realized how difficult it is.” The experiencers said with emotion.

Co-welding “TEAM” artwork

Celebrate “Welding Month” and weld a “TEAM” together. The welders of the Suzhou factory worked together to weld the “TEAM” artwork, one weld per person, demonstrating the cohesion and cooperation spirit of the welder team “ONE TEAM”.

Caterpillar (China) mechanical parts limited company

Weld the spark of wisdom

At the beginning of April, the hydraulic factory launched the “first shot” of the “Welding Month” activity, with the slogan of “Welding the sparks of wisdom, relaying the future of CAT”, and launched a two-week skill competition. The “clack” and “hiss” welding sounds at the competition site testified to the intensity and enthusiasm of the competition. In the middle of the year, the cockpit factory continued to relay and launched the “2023 Cockpit Welding Skills” competition to create a culture that values skills in the welding workshop and improve employees’ professional skills and quality awareness.

“Recognize the welders around you”

The offline interactive activity of “Recognizing Welders Around You” attracted the participation of colleagues from various factories and positions. Take photos and check in to express your approval—”Because of you, it is wonderful”, “Thank you for your great support for the welding line”, “Your welding skills are very superb, I like you”, “I just want to take this opportunity to express to you Thank you”… handwritten cards and words of approval added a bit of warmth and emotion to the “Welding Month”.


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