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Wonderful Review of Changsha Construction Machinery Exhibition

May 19, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

On May 15, the third Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Changsha Exhibition”) with the theme of “High-end, Intelligent, Green-New Generation Construction Machinery” officially came to an end.

As one of Caterpillar’s distributors, Sime Darby Xinchang Machinery Engineering (Hunan) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinchang Machinery”) has deeply cultivated the local market in Hunan, and once again participated in the exhibition with Caterpillar’s excellent equipment and service solutions.

At this exhibition, with the theme of “Helping customers build a better and more sustainable world”, Xinchang Machinery fully demonstrated the new generation of products and technologies, full life cycle solutions and sustainable solutions of Caterpillar and its subsidiary brand SEM. Sustainable development concept.

CAT® (Carter) new generation of national four new products collectively unveiled

Xinchang Machinery’s booth area in this Changsha exhibition exceeds 2,000 square meters, and a total of 16 sets of equipment are exhibited, including 9 sets of CAT new generation excavators, namely 355 (with H210 hammer), 350, 336, and 333 , 323GX, 320, 313GC, 307, 303.

The new generation equipment of SEM, a brand of Caterpillar, was also unveiled at this exhibition. They are: 656F National IV loader, 919F National IV grader, 818F National IV bulldozer and SEM658F electric drive loader.

Wonderful Review of Changsha Construction Machinery Exhibition1

On-site experience of Caterpillar’s intelligent control technology

At this exhibition, intelligent control technology is one of the biggest highlights of Xinchang booth.

SEM 5G remote driving operating system

Remote control of a loader located in Qingzhou, Shandong in Changsha? We can make it happen! Operators use familiar machine displays and controls to work remotely in a comfortable and fixed “virtual cab”. The loader located in Qingzhou, Shandong is working under the operator’s remote control!

Trimble Earthworks 3D Excavator Control System

Based on the 3D digital design, without the need for piling and setting out or hanging wires, functions such as intelligently assisted and accurate slope brushing, land leveling, and ditch excavation can be realized. The mechanical work efficiency is high, which can reduce labor costs and management costs.

Miniature equipment model wall and service solution display

At the Xinchang Machinery booth, many visitors were attracted by the miniature equipment model display wall. Caterpillar’s products and application scenarios in the three major fields of infrastructure construction industry, resource industry, energy and transportation industry are fully displayed here; other exhibition areas show the whole life cycle of “easy to own, worry-free use” equipment solutions, machine refurbishment solutions and innovative low-carbon energy solutions, etc.

Multiple interactive experiences blast the scene

A variety of exciting interactive and experience sessions were set up at the booth. Shen Zijie, the best defensive player of the year for Caterpillar in the CBA League, came to the booth to help out, which aroused enthusiastic responses on the spot.

In addition, the new generation of National IV product CAT 313GC shooting challenge, the new generation of National IV product CAT 320 smart slope brushing challenge and basketball delivery challenge, as well as the CAT 302 certified second-hand mobile phone smart micro-digging experience brought the atmosphere to a climax, and many spectators Come to watch and compete to experience.

The offline activities exploded on the scene, and the online interaction was in full swing. The new machine and e-commerce live broadcast simultaneously at the booth, as well as the interaction with video topics such as meeting CAT in Changsha, attracted the participation and interaction of many machine enthusiasts.

The 3rd Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. What highlights of the Caterpillar agent Xinchang Machine booth impressed you deeply? Chat with us in the message area!


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