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Caterpillar Helps NMG Build Zero-Emission Mine

Jun 6, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

At Caterpillar, we see the world through our customers, and their success is our success. Therefore, when customers start the road to emission reduction, we will provide them with full support, and formulate corresponding comprehensive solutions for them according to the needs of different customers and the specific conditions of the construction environment.
Recently, Caterpillar announced Mining Client – NMG Canada (Nouveau Monde Graphite) establish cooperation.
It will support them to achieve the goal of “achieving full zero emissions from the Matavini graphite mine by 2028”. Caterpillar will be the exclusive equipment, technology and service provider to NMG Corporation to develop, test and manufacture the Cat “Zero Emission Equipment” for the project in Saint-Saint-Michel, Quebec, Canada.

Groundbreaking Milestone
This groundbreaking engineering project will use Caterpillar’s all-electric mining fleet, which requires a holistic approach that includes equipment, solutions and technology. This project is an important milestone for Caterpillar and the entire mining industry.
“The partnership between Caterpillar and NMG is an important milestone for the mining industry,” said Denise Johnson, president of Caterpillar’s Resource Industries Group. “The Caterpillar team is proud to support NMG by integrating technology, machines and services. Help them build the first zero-emission mine.”
To demonstrate the importance we place on our customers, Caterpillar will maintain close communication with the NMG team and continuously listen to customer feedback throughout the development and testing phases prior to commercial production.


Deep Meaning
Providing a zero-emission mine with an all-electric fleet to help our valued mine customers build a better world is a moment in Caterpillar history and a natural fit for our customers. Caterpillar has a long-standing commitment to sustainable innovation. Sustainability is one of our five values for action and permeates every aspect of our day-to-day operations.
Together with our customers, we will create a better, more sustainable world.





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