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Caterpillar Customer Story

Jun 6, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Mr. He (pseudonym) from Luzhou, Sichuan purchased a Cat 323D L excavator through Cat financing in 2013 for the quarry mining project in a certain area of Guizhou. At the beginning of 2022, the 323D L equipment has been operating for more than 20,000 hours. Due to the construction work in the sand and gravel factory all the year round, the appearance of the equipment is seriously damaged, and the internal parts are also worn to varying degrees, which affects the daily operation efficiency of the equipment. In addition, with the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, the equipment is also facing the test of emission compliance.


At the suggestion of the local Cat dealer sales team, Mr. He considered doing a “new power upgrade” for this equipment to restore equipment performance, improve production efficiency, and meet emission requirements. Cat (Carter) Financing Regional Manager Guo Manager (pseudonym), after learning about Mr. He’s refurbishment needs and his tight capital situation, worked closely with local agents to provide Mr. He with a preferential financing plan for equipment renovation. With many years of good cooperation experience, the two sides soon confirmed the cooperation again, and the financial problem of Mr. He was also solved. At the same time, Cat Financing also provided fast credit approval services to help Mr. He’s refurbished equipment be quickly delivered for use.

This “new power upgrade”, through the combination of replacement and maintenance of the damaged parts of the customer’s equipment, has realized a very economical solution for the customer and reduced the maintenance cost. The refurbished and upgraded equipment, using the original parts, has been given a new life, fully meets the requirements of customers, and can climb to new heights without fear of danger! At the same time, Mr. He also said that the personalized and professional service of Cat financing and the service concept from the perspective of customers impressed him again. “In the future for equipment refurbishment, I will definitely continue to choose Cat financing!”


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