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Manipulator technician Li Chunhu’s welding life

Oct 28, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

In the equipment manufacturing industry, welding technology is an indispensable manufacturing process. As the manufacturing moves towards digitalization and intelligence, the requirements for the level of welding technology are also increasing, and excellent welders and craftsmen are rare. talent.
Li Chunhu joined Caterpillar (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xuzhou Factory”) in 2006. In the past 16 years, he has grown from an “ordinary welder” to a skilled “manipulator technician”. Where the flowers are flying is his persistent “ingenuity”.

From welder to manipulator technician all the way growth


Li Chunhu, who is a welding major, has a deep love for the manufacturing industry. After graduation from school, he determined to work in his own professional field. Joining Caterpillar is Li Chunhu’s dream. In Li Chunhu’s opinion, Caterpillar, as an outstanding global manufacturing enterprise, can give him a better platform and development opportunities. After the technical precipitation and experience accumulation of previous jobs, Li Chunhu finally achieved his wish in 2006 and officially became a welder of Caterpillar.
Li Chunhu’s goal is more than that. After entering Caterpillar, he mastered the welding technology of the upper frame in only half a year. From 2010 to 2013, Li Chunhu was recommended by the company to go to Beijing to learn robot welding. The first time he came into contact with the word “welding robot”, Li Chunhu couldn’t help but feel some fears: “robot”, “automation”, “can I learn it?”. “If others can learn it, you can learn it.” With the encouragement of his supervisor, he officially embarked on the journey of robotic welding technology research. After in-depth study and accumulation of experience, all the welding robots in the two workshops of Xuzhou factory have been explored and studied by him. In November 2021, with the welding robot project, Li Chunhu obtained the “Welding Robot Programming Technician Certification” personally issued by Chen Qihua, senior vice president of Caterpillar. Li Chunhu was deeply inspired and more motivated!

Planning, research, reflection

Planning, research, reflection and practice are the “secret” for Li Chunhu to achieve efficient career development. It was his colleagues and supervisors who commented on him that he was “hard at solving problems, strong in execution, clear in thinking and able to propose solutions”. On the premise of ensuring the completion of his work every day, he always takes 1-1.5 hours to observe and learn at the next station, seize all available time and opportunities to improve the efficiency of work and learning, and constantly enrich his skill base. He also has the habit of sticking to it for many years. He does not rush to work before arriving at the work station every day. He takes a few minutes to predict the key nodes and problems that may occur in the work, so that he can know well and work more easily.
“The welding quality of the super-large dig I was responsible for has exceeded the company’s average target for two consecutive months.” It is in line with this attitude that Li Chunhu can grow and change all the way.

Made in his eyes,Strictly control product quality

Referring to manufacturing, Li Chunhu sincerely expressed feelings: “Manufacturing is strictly to control the quality of products, products to do the best. Customers look forward to excellent quality, less failure of the machine, which requires us to work a little harder, pay a little more, a little more careful, strict quality in the manufacturing link.”
The love for manufacturing and the craftsmanship of manufacturing have made Li Chunhu surpass one after another, and now he has started a new exploration. Now, he is learning programming, in order to use innovative technology to replace manual welding with machines and achieve more efficient and high-precision welding operations. 

Put long line to catch big fish

When talking about his hobby “fishing”, Li Chunhu talked about it with relish. As for fishing, Li Chunhu, just like his work, “does not fight unprepared battles”.
He would go to the spot the day before the fishing to observe where others were fishing, what bait and equipment they were using, and make a prediction in advance. Before the official release of the line, he will also comprehensively analyze the weather, wind direction, water temperature, pressure, according to the reservoir topography, looking for test points, test the distance of fish offshore, “do not catch confused fish”, which is similar to his work style.

In Li Chunhu’s eyes, fishing is like work. Only by focusing on it, can you stand loneliness and sink your heart into it, can you get a harvest!

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