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The “Caterpillar” Reappeared, and Bateer Took it to…

Jul 28, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

From July to October this year, the popular “Caterpillar” high-speed rail is coming again!

The Caterpillar Reappeared, and Battelle Took it to...1

On this day, the “mysterious guest” Bateer showed up on the “Caterpillar” bound for Xuzhou. Did you take the same high-speed train with him, and did you even get a small gift?

The legend that “an excavator is every man’s dream” is indeed true. Even the tough guy Bateer sighed that it was not enough to enjoy once, and he looks forward to coming again next time!

The Caterpillar Reappeared, and Battelle Took it to...2

In 2019, the first “Caterpillar brand special train” high-speed rail opened, and the spirit of “dreams come true through hard work” became more popular. Since that year, from Guangzhou South Railway Station, Wuhan Railway Station, to Chengdu East Railway Station, Kunming Railway Station, and to more platforms in Huaxia Land, a series of “Caterpillars” have continuously conveyed thousands of passengers and doers their spirit and dreams.

The Caterpillar Reappeared, and Battelle Took it to...3

In 2023, when the thunder of early spring is approaching, the “Caterpillar” set off again. Today, this branded special train departing from Xuzhou East Railway Station will continue to carry the spirit of hard work and good expectations, and enter thousands of households along the way. With its departure, Caterpillar will also continue to develop deeply in China, and together with customers, dealers and other partners, we will achieve our dreams with hard work and write a new chapter together.

The Caterpillar Reappeared, and Battelle Took it to...4


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