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How Did the Overhaul of the G3520C Machine be Achieved in 15 Days?

Jul 21, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Shanxi has a long history, rich products, and many energy companies. Since 2007, many power generation companies in Shanxi have successively purchased more than 200 Cat® gas generator sets to ensure stable power generation, and the main model is G3520C gas generator set. Caterpillar’s dealer North China Lei Shing Hong Machinery Shanxi Gas Service Team has been tracking the status of equipment for a long time and provides services such as parts supply, equipment inspection and generator set overhaul.

The generator set runs to 120,000 hours, which is an important time node for the overhaul of the whole machine. Since the equipment has been in operation for a long time, there are two major challenges in the maintenance process: the overhaul period is long (about 60 days), which affects the production progress; the generator set is large, and if traditional maintenance methods are used, it needs to be dragged away from the factory building, which involves the factory building The cost of removing the wall is high.

How Did the Overhaul of the G3520C Machine be Achieved in 15 Days1

After clarifying the pain points, Caterpillar and its agent China North China Lei Shing Hong Machinery Team repeatedly discussed and researched with customers and fed back the problems to Caterpillar’s US factory for advice. Finally, they jointly formulated a set of time-saving, labor-saving, money-saving and environmentally friendly maintenance solutions—Cat remanufactured short cylinder maintenance solutions.

What are the advantages of the remanufactured short cylinder maintenance plan to directly address the pain points of customers?

Time saving: The 60-day maintenance period is shortened to 15 days, and the reduced downtime is converted into power generation time for customers.

Save money: The maintenance time is greatly shortened, which can save half of the maintenance man-hour cost. The price of remanufactured parts is much lower than that of new ones, and has performance comparable to that of new ones; at the same time, remanufactured parts enjoy the same warranty service as new ones.

Environmental protection: the use of remanufactured parts can save resources and reduce waste, which is a very environmentally friendly solution.

Based on a comprehensive calculation, compared with the traditional maintenance scheme, the remanufactured short cylinder maintenance scheme saves customers more than 30% of the cost.

How Did the Overhaul of the G3520C Machine be Achieved in 15 Days2

How Did the Overhaul of the G3520C Machine be Achieved in 15 Days3

Different problems will also be encountered in the process of using short cylinders for on-site overhaul, and maintenance engineers need to adopt flexible solutions according to the actual situation on site. Not afraid of difficulties and tests, the engineers of LSH Machinery, the agent, always adhere to the concept of “professionalism, partnership, whole process, and peace of mind” to serve customers wholeheartedly. In the face of a narrow maintenance space, the engineers chose to remove the original machine support, complete the maintenance outside the workshop, and then drag the unit back to the workshop and pull it into the machine position. This flexible and innovative solution is the best interpretation of professionalism.

How Did the Overhaul of the G3520C Machine be Achieved in 15 Days4

Both environmentally friendly and economical, the remanufactured short cylinder repair solution allows the customer’s equipment to be reborn, opening a second life cycle. Based on good customer feedback, the remanufactured short cylinder maintenance program has been fully promoted in the gas power generation industry in the North China LSH Machinery agency area.


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