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The “Miracle” Across the Pacific

Jun 27, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

In the beautiful and rich southeast coast, a key enterprise in China’s chlor-alkali industry has been standing for more than 60 years. As a national large-scale first-tier enterprise and a large-scale production base of chlor-alkali chemical raw materials in Fujian Province, Fujian Southeast Electrochemical Co., Ltd. (later renamed “Wanhua Chemical”) always regards the safety of daily operations as the first priority. However, a sporadic equipment failure nearly got them into trouble.

In 2013, Wanhua Chemical purchased a CAT® C175 generator set as a backup power source for the caustic soda production line. Over the past 10 years, this generator set has provided Wanhua Chemical with stable power supply by virtue of its excellent reliability, durability and high efficiency. However, it suddenly made an abnormal sound during a load test in June last year. After the service engineer team of Caterpillar and its agent Xinchang Machinery conducted on-site troubleshooting and comprehensive research and judgment, they suggested Wanhua Chemical to refurbish the generator set.

Original spare parts with original technical support…A number of special instruments and professional tests…Multi-field professional engineers and technicians team…Strictly implement Caterpillar process standards…

The Miracle Across the Pacific1

After fully understanding the advantages of Caterpillar’s whole machine refurbishment service plan and the guarantee of quality, Wanhua Chemical agreed decisively. Unexpectedly, just after the refurbishment plan was launched, it was learned that one of the important but not commonly used accessories was out of stock in China. The efficient operation of Caterpillar’s global spare parts supply network is “full of responsibility” at this time. After close cooperation and coordination of various parties, the urgently dispatched and transported parts from the Lafayette (Lafayette) factory in the United States arrived on schedule, ensuring the on-time start and delivery of the renovation project.

The Miracle Across the Pacific2

The Miracle Across the Pacific3

In the star maintenance workshop of Caterpillar agent Xinchang Machinery, a strong team composed of Caterpillar certified maintenance masters and senior maintenance engineers conducts detailed disassembly, maintenance, installation and testing of C175 generator sets. They are fine, as large as a component, as small as a screw, and every link cannot be neglected; they are professional and strictly follow Caterpillar’s standard procedures, reducing unnecessary replacement of parts and reducing the total maintenance cost; they are environmentally friendly and strictly control pollution , prolong the service life of the equipment.

The Miracle Across the Pacific4

After more than two months of hard work, the time to witness the “miracle” has arrived. After inspection and on-site power test of the refurbished C175 generator set, Wanhua Chemical was delighted to find that the refurbished equipment was full of “vigorous vitality” and could continue to provide reliable power guarantee for the operation of the enterprise and enjoy extended warranty service for the whole machine . Overjoyed, he also “included” two brand new CAT 3516B generator sets.

The Miracle Across the Pacific5

The “miracle” of refurbishment gives old equipment a second life, helps Wanhua Chemical’s sustainable business development, wins more trust for Caterpillar and its dealers, and helps more customers build a better and more sustainable world .


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