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323D, A Rejuvenated and Gorgeous Counterattack

Jul 7, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

 In Jiande City, Zhejiang Province, a small city in the south of the Yangtze River intertwined with waterways, you can see touches of “CAT® (Carter) Yellow” everywhere. In the past 20 years, Hangzhou Rongpai Machinery Leasing Co., Ltd. (“Rongpai”) and several CAT equipment under its name have jointly undertaken the important task of building a beautiful Jiande.

323D, A Rejuvenated and Gorgeous Counterattack1

As one of the largest local equipment leasing companies, one of Rongpai’s main equipment is a CAT 323D excavator. In years of harsh mountain construction foundation operations, this “reliable old man” has played a vital role, but he has also gradually become “tired” with the passage of time-internal parts wear out, fuel consumption increases, operations Declining efficiency and rising maintenance costs; increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements have also brought new challenges to the “old man”.

323D, A Rejuvenated and Gorgeous Counterattack2

sold it? reluctant. Buy a new machine? high cost. In the dilemma, after a comprehensive inspection and evaluation, the Caterpillar team and the agent LSH Machinery suggested to the Rongpai team a service solution specifically for old excavators – “New Power”.

This is not a simple engine power upgrade, but an all-round “core” transformation. It is to optimize the engine and related components and even the whole machine to improve its performance, meet emission standards, restore full power, and Maintenance costs are reduced.

In the five-star maintenance workshop of Caterpillar dealer Lei Shing Hong Machinery, the “old man” received a comprehensive inspection and upgrade, and experienced a “physical and mental remodeling” in the professional and standardized operation of the maintenance engineers

                                                                                   323D, A Rejuvenated and Gorgeous Counterattack3   323D, A Rejuvenated and Gorgeous Counterattack4

Now, this 12-year-old “old man” has already embarked on the journey of mountain construction again with strong power and higher efficiency, and has been praised by the Rongpai team again and again, marveling that it is comparable to a brand new 323D. The “professional, partner, whole-process, and peace of mind” services of Caterpillar and its agent, Lei Shing Hong Machinery, also won the trust and appreciation of Rongpai.

323D, A Rejuvenated and Gorgeous Counterattack5

“We are not only the relationship between manufacturers and customers, but more like partners who pursue dreams together.” Rongpai team sighed.

No matter building a beautiful Jiande or opening up a broader world, Caterpillar always works with partners to provide customers with innovative service solutions, prolong the life cycle of equipment, create greater value for customers, and help customers build a better and more sustainable persistent world.


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