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Key Role! The “Power Guard” Behind The High-end Data Center

Jul 12, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

In the digital age, data is everywhere, and interconnection anytime and anywhere has become a “just need” for work and life. As a place for data processing and storage, data centers play an important role.

The safe and stable operation of the data center is of great significance, and reliable power support is the key to the worry-free operation of the data center, because once the power is cut off, it will cause irreparable losses to users. “Reliable Power, Infinite Possibilities” – Caterpillar’s power solutions are ensuring the uninterrupted operation of thousands of data centers around the world.

Kepler Data Center, located in Foshan, Guangdong, is an important Internet infrastructure provider in South China. It gathers network resources such as major domestic operators, Internet service providers, and Internet content providers to establish an interconnected data network. Constructed in accordance with international T3+ and super five-star standards, Kepler Data Center can be regarded as the benchmark of high-end data centers. The “key role” in the stable operation of the data center are more than ten Cat® 3500 series diesel generator sets.

Key Role! The Power Guard Behind The High-end Data Center1

“Excellent performance, stable operation, high reliability”, the “reliable” performance of Cat 3500 series diesel generator sets for many years has met the high power demand of the data center, and has been highly praised by the data center owner.

Key Role! The Power Guard Behind The High-end Data Center2

The Cat 3500 generator set product series has more than 40 years of product experience and tens of thousands of global installations. It is often used as backup power for mission-critical tasks such as data centers and medical care. In China, this series of products are widely used in data centers.

The generator set is the security guard of the data center. When the mains power fails or is unstable, the Cat generator set can wake up instantly to protect data security at any time and avoid major economic losses caused by power outages. Especially the 3500 series generator set has high output continuous power, excellent transient response performance and strong capacitive load capacity, which perfectly matches the power protection needs of the data center.

Four advantages of Cat 3500 series diesel generator sets: 1.Excellent transient response performance. 2.Advanced engine control technology. 3.High-quality engine. 4.Unique parallel train technology.

Not only has it won countless fans with its hard-core strength in the field of construction machinery, but Caterpillar also has profound accumulation and rich experience in the R&D and production of engines and generator sets. With innovative products and services, it will help create a new generation of low-carbon and environmentally friendly data center.


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