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Cat® (Carter) National Four PM620 Milling Machine Shows Its Skills

Dec 23, 2022 | China News | 0 comments

On December 1, 2022, the attention-grabbing National IV emission standard for non-road mobile machinery was officially implemented, representing another step forward for the construction machinery industry towards the goal of green emission reduction.
Recently, Caterpillar’s latest Cat® PM620 milling machine with National IV emission standards performed well in the reconstruction project of the Zhongbu Bridge in Fuyang District, Hangzhou. It is “the most ‘super easy’ milling machine I have used so far”.

The reconstruction project of Zhongbu Bridge is an important part of the new middle line (Taiping-Zhongbu Bridge), a key project of transportation construction in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, and an important node project of the Asian Games comprehensive project. Due to the heavy load, the bridge deck was severely damaged. The construction of this project is of great significance to speeding up the industrial transformation and development of Jiangnan New City, and promoting Fuyang’s integration into the construction of the main urban area of Hangzhou.

Bridge deck milling has extremely high requirements on flatness and construction efficiency. During the epidemic, Hangzhou Heyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. immediately mobilized a Caterpillar PM620 milling machine with National IV emissions to participate in the construction. construction. The length of the bridge is 300 meters, the bridge deck width is 24 meters, and the milling depth is 12 cm. During the milling process, the milling efficiency of PM620 left a very deep impression on the user.
According to the operator, the milling speed of PM620 can reach about 20 meters per minute. It is not only fast, efficient, powerful and fuel-efficient, but also very convenient to operate and use. It has been rated as a “solid partner” by users.

1. Customer’s evaluation of the power performance of PM620:
The excellent power performance of PM620 has won praises from users, and its “invincible” steel macho image is vividly reflected in the construction process. Using the self-owned brand Cat® (Cat) C18 engine, integrated development of engine and complete machine, information sharing, optimized matching. The power is abundant, and the production efficiency and fuel efficiency are further improved.

2. Evaluation on the reliability of PM620:
Leading non-road low-emission technology, hundreds of thousands of Cat® off-road construction machinery worldwide, more than 300 million hours of actual verification, high reliability and durability.

3. Evaluation of PM620 fuel consumption level:
Through mature technology, customers can reduce the cost of use, consume a small amount of urea solution in exchange for fuel savings, meet the emission requirements of the National IV and maintain low fuel consumption at the same level as the National III.

4. Evaluation of the engine aftertreatment system:
The C18 engine after-treatment system maintains zero burden, and the particle filter (DPF) is regenerated without any sense, without shutting down, and automatically completes the soot cleaning, which fully prolongs the normal operation time and improves work efficiency.

5. Regarding the sealing performance of the conveyor belt:
The sealing performance of the discharge is very good, basically there will be no phenomenon of spilling or leakage of material.

6. Regarding the performance of the track:
The hydraulic circuit system with a diagonal design, dual hydraulic pumps and four variable variable motors can effectively prevent road slippage, the track is maintenance-free for life, the steering is particularly light, and the U-turn is very flexible on narrow roads.

7. About the operation performance of the equipment:
Advanced automatic leveling system, each leveling sensor can be switched freely without stopping the machine;
Vacuum dust removal device is adopted, the dust removal effect is good, and dust is basically invisible on the construction site;
It is very convenient to replace the knife head and knife seat. There are two replacement methods: electric and manual. A pair of knife heads can be replaced in half an hour;
There are three LCD screens, which are distributed on the main console and one side of the fuselage, and can be operated by standing on the ground, which is very convenient to use.


The Cat PM620 milling machine with National IV emissions made its first appearance, and it shined in the reconstruction project of Zhongbu Bridge. It once again demonstrated its “deep milling expert” style with impeccable performance.


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