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Caterpillar Energy Transformation Leads Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Jun 7, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

On May 5, 2022 in Illinois, Caterpillar Inc. made another big move: the acquisition of energy company Tangent Energy Solutions. Through Tangent’s turnkey solutions featuring intelligent energy management, Caterpillar looks forward to continuing to consolidate its existing low-carbon capabilities to help customers reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency, and reduce carbon emissions. This is another important move following the announcement of forward-looking cooperation with several industry giants such as Microsoft, BHP Billiton and Chevron in 2021.

These efforts will change the traditional impression of heavy equipment with high energy consumption and high emissions. In fact, whether it is engineering and mining machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, large mining trucks, loaders, or energy equipment such as engines and generator sets, they can become more efficient, environmentally friendly, and more intelligently interconnected, so as to embark on the era of Carbon neutral beats.
The forward-looking thinking and layout of low-carbon sustainable development make Caterpillar, a global giant in the fields of construction machinery, mining equipment, non-road diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and electric drive diesel locomotives, not only in engineering With continuous efforts in machinery and equipment, it has taken the lead in walking at the forefront of powerful and efficient energy and power solutions supported by advanced digital technology and clean energy technology.
While always focusing on the future, Caterpillar creates the present through continuous innovation and self-reform. Caterpillar, which has won the trust of customers with its advanced products and services, once again achieved growth against the trend when the performance of major construction machinery companies in the world generally declined in the first quarter of this year, showing strong development momentum.

Innovative Genes
The equipment manufacturing industry is a typical cyclical industry, which is always in the cycle of “recovery-prosperity-recession-depression”. What kind of genes can a company have to overcome cyclical fluctuations, reserve strength in a recession, seize opportunities in a recovery, and take off again and jump higher?
Innovation is the core password for an enterprise to go through the cycle. Open the development history of Caterpillar, the gene and spirit of innovation run through.
In 1906, Benjamin Holt developed the first gasoline track-type bulldozer, which was far more energy efficient than the steam-powered track-type bulldozer he invented two years earlier. Crawler bulldozers, because of their similarity, were originally called “caterpillars”, English for Caterpillar, transliteration is “Caterpillar”. In 1925, Holt and Best merged their companies to form the Caterpillar Bulldozer Company.

For nearly a hundred years, Caterpillar has been following in the footsteps of its founders, and has continuously introduced breakthrough solutions in turbocharging technology, electronic control systems, fuel systems, and drive systems, with the aim of providing customers with better solutions.
When the low-carbon trend is sweeping the world, Caterpillar is using its innovation and integration capabilities to launch energy power solutions with multiple options, comprehensively improve energy efficiency, and adopt advanced new energy and clean energy technologies to help customers transformation.


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